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The Fast Sling Puck (Premium)

Code: The Fast Sling Puck
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The Fast Sling Puck game is a joyful board game intended for people seeking something exciting, new and extraordinary.

The premium release of this remarkable game is presented in our store. It is made in our own production facility in Ukraine. The best ash wood and exclusively ecological materials are both selected and used for production. Each game is manually processed by our master up to a perfect condition. You will be surprised of how workmanlike our game is done right by touching it. We are sure you will enjoy the game.

This game is well-known in America, Canada and other countries. There is a great opportunity to show a right spirit in speed, agility, strategy, endurance.

By this token, this game is extremely happy! We were convinced of this when testing it in person, both smiling and screaming with laughter! You will catch on when playing it for the first time.

Adults Playing The Fast Sling Puck (Video)

This board game is likewise a lucky find for a large company. Sure, this game is for two participants although we haven't mentioned it yet. The game time depends on a great deal of factors and can take from 30 seconds to 10 minutes or more. Thus, each company member will have an opportunity to play it not to be long on patience for his turn. It is possible to hold tournaments, play for elimination, truth or dare. It solely depends on your airy dreams.

Our Fast Sling Puck game release is an excellent gift.

How come? You do not have to bother head what to give. Our game is one-of-a-kind, being of a lifetime (the tree drawing in each game differs like a person's fingerprints). This feature makes such a gift so exclusive. Nobody else will have nothing of the kind. We also pack the game in both lovely and modern boxes created for our game in concrete terms. Therefore, it will be extremely spectacular show when presenting it. By handing over such a gift, you can declare publicly — "Such a thing is one-of-a-kind. Nobody else will have nothing of the kind"! That's a pip, isn't it !?

The extra playing field presence on the back for playing checkers has become both welcome addition and difference from similar games. This game was well-known. Notwithstanding, let's be straightforward, we slightly forgot about it. Moreover, checkers is both interesting and logical game, as our experience has shown. And we enjoy ourselves that we spared a thought about it and applied such a playing field.

Our The Fast Slingpuck release has substantial benefits over suchlike games that can be found on the Internet.

You can take a close look at our game and enjoy advantages in greater detail.

The point of the The Fast Slingpuck game

The Fast Slingpuck is a two-person board game known as Chapay as well. The aim of the game is to move the chips from your field to the opponent's one as fast as ever you can through the gate in the playing field center using the elastic band tension.


Two removable internal slats (gates) with varying degrees of difficulty
Playing field on the back for playing checkers (checkers included)


Checkers is rather the most peaceful board game for two, developing both logic and attentiveness. All the ages are submissive to this board game. Checkers have become extremely popular throughout the world precisely because of their logical simplicity. It is worthwhile to say there is no other logic game having such a great deal of varieties.

The checkers field can be also used for such well-known and jolly games as:

  • Giveaway
  • Chapayev
  • Detail Oriented
  • Rounded Corners

We were faced with a choice - a simple path and a complicated one. A simple option was to make four strips, as others do. To put it shortly, just to do what the others do. Or choose both difficult and long way, but receive a worthwhile item in the final count. Our game turned out to be without corners, both external and internal. It's extremely lovely!

Smoothed sides

We tested the game ourselves thoroughly for long periods. And everyone unanimously came to the conclusion that the skirting from the side of each participant must be smoothed for both comfortable and pleasant game. Fingers do not rub on corners and do not get so tired using this side. In the final reckoning, we worked out in advance all the dimensions and proportions, height and depth, having created a game being as comfortable as possible.

Removable inner strips (gate)

The inner slats (gates) are removable, being of two difficulty levels. Such a decision was not adopted by chance. We came to the conclusion that it would be interesting for beginners to play with a goal of 4.5 cm after long games with one goal of 4 cm. It is a reminder that the puck diameter is 3.5 cm. Beginners have a great opportunity to practice with this bar before more difficult game.

Exclusively eco materials

Natural wood and premium eco-friendly varnishes are used in the game production.

Package size65 × 35 × 5 cm
AppointmentBoard games
Bottom materialMDF
Case coverOil (eco)
Size60 × 30 × 3.2 cm
Weight1.19 kg

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