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Modern Harris Flower Pot

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Designer pots (flowerpot) from idea company, "Modern Harris" collection. They differ in shape from the usual flowerpots, its highlight is a stylish shape that will perfectly fit into rooms with any interior.

The planter is made of sculpted plaster with special additives for strength. The planter bowl is treated with a special waterproof coating.


  • Brown - height 13 cm, width 22 cm, bowl diameter 16 cm.
  • White - height 25 cm, width 22 cm, bowl diameter 11 cm.
  • Black - height 34 cm, width 20 cm, bowl diameter 12 cm.


  • Planter (flower pot)
  • Reliable corrugated packaging. cardboard

The Modern Harris planter will be an original gift for any occasion, whether it's a housewarming or opening an office. Each Meditation planter will be securely packed in its original corrugated box.

Options for using the pots:

  • If the plant is whimsical to watering, we advise you to put a regular pot inside the head and excess water will drain into the head.
  • If the plant is not whimsical, then you can plant it directly in the head, without an additional pot.
The planter comes without flowers - each of you can create a unique look
SizeLow, Middle, Tall
Case coverWater-based paint
Internal coatingSilicone (water resistant)
Weight2 kg
Size26.5 × 14 × 14 cm
Package size40 × 24 × 21 cm

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Category: Pots & Vase
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